Syria, pt 2

Syria, pt 2

June 16th, 2013
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US aid, can only come along with bombings, foreign fighters, etc. In general, if there were a home-grown movement capable of ousting Assad, it would not benefit from US aid. For example, in the case of Afghanistan, it is clear that any association with foreigners who bomb wedding parties and patrol the skies with drones is harmful to aspirations for political power. [As a note, according to Stanford and NYU researchers, 1 out of every 50 death’s caused by a drone is a “terrorist” ,(the other 49 being civilians]

Even if making this Faustian pact some how works out, you have given up more than you gained. The real control of any movement lies with those who control the material functioning of the movement — if US arms are the key to the success of any rebels, and those arms are accepted and relied on, then in the end, those rebels do not have any real control of their movement. Even with arms already surreptitiously supplied, the rebels were incapable of victory, and hence the foreign fundamentalist fighters have been introduced as well. Even worse.

While the movement is too weak, the only choices in open conflict are defeat or usurpation and corruption by Imperial interests. Better not to fight directly at that time.

It was already a symptom of astroturfing that the Syrian “Arab Spring” turned into a civil war at all. US, Turkish, and Israeli intelligence must have had a hand in the choice to fight. See for example statements by former French Foreign Minister Dumas where he indicates something was in the works for a long time.

Thus the movement was forced to fight before it was ready, before everyday Syrians had a hope of winning power on their own, in their own name. This will set them back a long time.

I do not support the Assad regime. The Assad regime would murder me if I lived there and has certainly murdered numerous of my co-thinkers. My allegiance is to the exploited of Syria. It is only their own action which can lead to their liberation — as Marx said. At this point, they have gone for Assad, because they see what sort of a demon has been taken in to their house. Even NATO admits 70% of Syrians support Assad with 20% neutral and 10% supporting the rebels. In other words, at this point, according to NATO, Assad supporters outnumber rebel supporters 7:1.

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